New at British Retro – swing dresses, pencil dresses and vintage skirts and more …

We are continually adding new retro dresses to our collection, swing dresses, full circle dresses, pencil dresses and vintage skirts in stunning vintage styles. On this page you can see the latest in our collection.

Winter 2019

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Dee Dee Houndstooth Full Circle Dress

Dee Dee Houndstooth Full Circle Dress

A classic 1950s circle dress in an iconic houndstooth plaid, Dee Dee is a visually striking addition to your vintage wardrobe. Cut from the highest quality stretch cotton with a traditional front-boned, satin-lined bodice to give you just the right amount of support and a perfect pinup fit, Dee Dee possesses that iconic shape that sums up the 1950s so well.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Dee Dee Black Satin Jacquard Full-Circle Dress

Dee Dee Black Satin Jacquard Full-Circle Dress

A drum roll for delightful Dee Dee! Our classic 1950s full circle dress is here in luxe black satin jacquard with a satin-lined, front boned bodice and a concealed zip for that vintage pinup shape and a smooth fit.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Dee Dee Emerald Satin Jacquard Full Circle Dress

Dee Dee Emerald Satin Jacquard Full Circle Dress

A 1950s circle dress in emerald and cut from the best quality satin jacquard, this is a vintage jewel of the highest standard. Dee Dee is one of most popular vintage-inspired styles, and with good reason. She harks back to an age of elegance and style, a time when Hollywood glamour filtered into the dancehalls and brought some well-needed charm and sparkle to post-war Britain.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Winter Ice Blue Wonderland Coat

Winter Ice Blue Wonderland Coat

Inspired by an original 50s evening coat, Wonderland is the extra layer of glamour you need when the mercury drops. If you are dressed to the nines in your best vintage garb then you really ought to complete the look with a top layer that works with your outfit.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Bordeaux Tallulah Zulu 50s Leopard Pencil Dress

Bordeaux Tallulah Zulu 50s Leopard Pencil Dress

I know that a leopard cannot change its spots, but we will just have to trust Tallulah when she promises to be good. And she is just so persuasive, that refined and rich bureaux pencil dress just emanates class and refinement.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Wonderland Coat Black

Wonderland Coat Black

Our own homage to an original 1950s evening coat, Wonderland is everything you need for the dark, chilly months ahead. Cosy Melton fabric, soft to the touch and seriously warm, you could easily forget that this is a glamourous 1950s evening coat, after all, occasion wear tends to focus on the flesh bared, not the need to stay snug en route.

British Retro Vintage Fashion - Red Tallulah 50s Dalmation Pencil Dress

Red Tallulah 50s Dalmation Pencil Dress

A 50s pencil dress can get you that job. It can win hearts, or break them. It can change lives… A 50s pencil dress like Tallulah can do all of this before breakfast and still have room for more adventures before lunch. And if that 50s pencil dress is scarlet with a sassy Dalmation print faux fur collar and cuffs, then we are off the scale. Such a dynamic and startling colour combination, a pop of pure pigment that sits up and begs to be noticed.

Summer 2019

Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing - 1950s Full Circle Dress

Dee Dee Sky Blue Satin Jacquard Full Circle Dress

We all need a really good ‘go to’ dress for special occasions, and no one did special occasion wear quite like they did in the ‘50s, so we looked to the past and based our bestselling Dee Dee on a classic 1950s dress…

Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing - 1950s Swing Dress

Tallulah lace denim full circle swing dress

Denim, that most functional of materials, loved by everybody from 19th Century American gold miners to well, everybody. Ageless and practical, it is high fashion and lowbrow, worn by bikers, rock stars and your grandpa down the allotment…

Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing - 50s Full Circle Dress

Dee Dee Wedgewood Blue Floral 50s full circle dress

A flared dress with a floral print as beautiful and delicate as the finest bone china, what could be more perfect for summer 2019? Dee Dee is one of our best-selling flared dresses and we’ve given her a beautiful bloomy twist that taps right into the current trend for vintage floral prints …

Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing

Tallulah lace chambray denim pencil dress

A fitted dress never goes out of style, do you know why? I’ll tell you. They are a shortcut to the very essence of glamour, bestowing a flattering, figure-hugging look upon everyone that demands a double take. Enviably curvaceous?

Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing - 50s Pencil Dress

Rhondas Revenge Cherry Blossom 50s Pencil Dress

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but there’s no chance of that in a dress this hot! Rhonda’s Revenge is one of our most popular bodycon dresses, based on an actual vintage design and fashioned from the highest quality cotton with a slight stretch…

Spring 2019

A Flared Leopard Print Dress with Feline Charm

A Flared Dress with Feline Charm

Who doesn’t adore leopard print? It has a carnal, animal quality that demands your attention. Striking and sensual, it rewards the wearer with all the admiring glances. All of them, every last one. Anyone else in this room? I wouldn’t notice, there’s just you my little 50s pinup, just you in that sexy little swing dress…

A Swing Dress in Scarlet and Black

A Swing Dress in Scarlet and Black

We believe everyone can possess the glamour and style of a 1950s movie star, it just takes the right dress… and may we present the right dress?

Bodycon Trickster Caught Red Handed

Bodycon Trickster Caught Red Handed

Love made her do it, love of a beautifully-made vintage pencil dress that is. Exquisite red satin jacquard, the perfect bodycon fit with just the right amount of stretch to make this the vintage dress for ladies who like to get into a little squeeze.

Vintage Poppies on the Perfect Pencil Dress

Vintage Poppies on the Perfect Pencil Dress

The perfect pencil dress? Yes, we really mean it. Rhonda’s Revenge is one of our most popular vintage styles, so we know you’ll love this SS19 edition in our brand new vibrant scarlet and black poppies print.

Winter 2018

Dee Dee Royal Stewart Tartan Vintage 50s Full Circle Dress

Tartan is such a marvellous fabric to work with, bright vibrant and rich in history both recent and ancient. It’s a perfect match for our vintage-loving ethos, so it is no surprise to find the fabric cropping up on some of our most well loved 50s style dresses.

‘Rhonda’s Revenge’ Black Vintage 50s Style Pencil Dress

Rhonda’s Revenge is a British Retro icon, the ultimate wiggle dress influenced by the elegance and glamour of a bygone era. This elegant version in black is the very essence of 50s sophistication, a vintage vision of loveliness perfect for the girl who loves her retro style.

‘From Kitty with Love’ Ruby Red Faux Fur 50s Swing Dress

Magical and glamorous with lashings of delectable retro style, From Kitty with Love is the most elegant 50s style circle dress you ever did see! A true vintage confection that will turn any girl into a red carpet starlet, fitted to the waist and an outrageously generous amount of luxe stretch crepe in the skirt, it will flatter every figure and give the wearer the kind of 50s vintage pinup shape that turns heads.

‘Way Out West’ Mulberry Tartan Full Circle Dress

A swing dress that combines the warmth of the softest brushed cotton with classic and elegant vintage design? That’ll be our marvellous Way Out West full circle dress, a classic 50s style shirt dress design in distinctive mulberry tartan.

‘Dee Dee’ Black Drape Full Circle Party Dress

Every 50s pinup queen needs her LBD! The perfect vintage-style little black dress that can be dressed up for full-on vintage Hollywood glamour, or dressed down for an adorable 1950s retro day dress look.

British Retro - 1950s vintage glamour evening coat

Wonderland Coat Charcoal – Exclusively made in the UK

We’ve been kitting you lovelies out in the best vintage inspired dresses for so long, we thought it’s about time we added a coat to our collection of fabulous retro-style clothing! Inspired by a 1950s evening coat and full of vintage glamour, ‘Wonderland’ is an exquisite garment, made with soft, warm Melton fabric and sumptuous silky satin contrast lining, it feels as luxurious as it looks.

British Retro - 50s inspired swing dress

From Kitty with Love’ Smoke Faux Fur Evening Swing Dress

From Kitty with Love… and British Retro, of course! We want our vintage babes to stay warm and look hot and this winter, so we’ve created the most enchanting of 50s inspired swing dresses just for you.

British Retro - Black Watch tartan retro-inspired wiggle dress

Tallulah Black Watch Tartan Pencil Dress

Limited edition loveliness! We’ve given the iconic 50s pencil dress a Scottish twist with some stylish Black Watch tartan details. Jaunty lapels, matching belt and covered buttons add a touch of Highland finesse to this beautiful retro-inspired wiggle dress, making it perfect for all those festive parties.

British Retro - Way Out West Celtic tartan full-circle dress

‘Way Out West’ Celtic Tartan Full Circle Dress

Way Out West, no not the wild west, silly! Our very own British west country with a Celtic tartan full-circle dress in the most beautiful jewel colours complemented by a matching brass buckled belt.

British Retro - 1950s inspired retro t-shirts

British Retro ‘Born to lose live to win’

Every now and then we set aside the precision-cut pattern pieces and smart vintage tailoring to bring you something a little more relaxed and fun. The original studio designs on our vintage-inspired t-shirts are quirky and unique, perfect partners for denim and sure to bring a smile to your lips.

British Retro - pencil dresses, wiggle dresses, 50s pencil dresses, fitted dresses, retro clothing

‘Staying Alive’ 50s Zombie Halterneck Pencil Dress

Oh my, ain’t she sweet in that adorable vintage pencil dress? The very essence of pinup style, our classic halter neck in summery white, so fresh and delightful… but covered with the decaying heads of hideous zombies!

Summer 2018

British Retro - pencil dresses, wiggle dresses, 50s pencil dresses, fitted dresses, retro clothing

Seize the Night Halterneck Retro Skull Pencil Dress

‘Carpe Noctem!’ Oh, okay, let’s seize the day as well. A sizzling 50s inspired halter neck dress, adored with exquisitely printed royal skulls and roses; fiendish and macabre, but in this vintage wiggle dress you’ll look just peachy!

British Retro - 50s swing dress, wiggle dresses, swing party dresses, swing dresses, 1950s dresses

‘Dee Dee’ Black Floral 50s swing dress

The quintessential 50s swing dress in beautiful blue floral on black printed cotton; ‘Dee Dee’ is the very essence of vintage glamour. An off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline embodies that 1950s retro style, with tiny gathers at the bust that draw the eye; so alluring and devastatingly feminine.

British Retro - swing party dresses, swing dresses, 50s dresses, vintage clothing, unique retro clothing

‘Dee Dee’ Black Vintage Swing Party Dresses

An absolute classic, who can resist the timeless elegance of our full-skirted Noir ‘Dee Dee’ dress? An off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline, with dainty angled sleeves, this vintage dress possesses an ageless quality, perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Spring 2018

Britsh Retro Vintage Swing Dress

South Pacific Tropical Strapless 50s Swing Dress

How do they get that glorious 1950s pinup silhouette? The secret is in the tailoring, taking inspiration from original vintage swing dresses and adding some clever details like high quality non-stretch cotton, an elasticated back panel and subtle padded cups to enhance and support the bust.

Britsh Retro Vintage Pencil Dress

‘Rhonda’s Revenge’ off the shoulder Lemons vintage dress

Is there anything as fresh as a lemon? Zingy and bright, our Rhonda’s Revenge fitted pencil dress is a vintage-inspired marvel, fashioned from high quality stretch cotton with a traditional front boned, satin-lined bodice …

Britsh Retro Vintage Pencil Dress

Rhonda’s Revenge’ Vintage Red Polka Dot Pencil Dress

A British Retro Limited Edition, designed and made in London. We took our well-loved Rhonda’s Revenge vintage pencil dress and treated it to a saucy splash of red polka dots!

Britsh Retro Vintage Swing Dress

Lola Lu Red Gingham Strapless 50s Swing Dress

Ain’t she sweet? Lola Lu is your new BFF. Sweet red gingham in an easy iron/crease free fabric, the perfect swing dress that will always look great.

Britsh Retro Vintage Pencil Dress

‘Rhonda’s Revenge’ Black Watch Tartan Vintage 50s Pencil Dress

The tightest wiggle dress, Rhonda’s Revenge in traditional Black Watch tartan is a heartbreaker, two parts cute to one part cruel …

Britsh Retro Vintage Swing Dress

‘Dee Dee’ Red 50s Style Vintage Full Circle Dress

Oh, sweetheart! Dee Dee is everything you need in a vintage full circle dress; off-the-shoulder neckline, waist-flattering wide belt, classic angled sleeves and a shamelessly generous full circle skirt.

Britsh Retro Vintage Swing Dress

‘Way Out West’ Black Watch Tartan 50s Style Swing Dress

Our Way Out West shirt dress was inspired by Vivienne Westwood and Katherine Hepburn – when we create vintage inspired designs we look to all the best people! Effortlessly chic, our Black Watch tartan swing dress

1950s style 'Go West’ swing dresses in Navy stripe from British Retro

‘Go West’ Swing Dress in Navy stripe

Get the perfect retro look with our range of vintage inspired dresses. Part of our new Spring/Summer collection of 1950s dresses is our country girl shirt dress, the ‘Go West’ in Navy stripe

1950s ‘Dixie Doll’ style vintage skirt from British Retro

‘Dixie Doll’ style vintage skirt in Red

Our ultra-cool collection of ‘Dixie Doll’ style vintage skirts are new to our kitsch range of unique retro clothing, all lovingly made in the UK. This super cute, vintage skirt is crafted from a luxurious Jules Crepe in true Red which will really turn heads….