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British Retro – 1950’s Vintage Dresses

Vintage Dresses

Here at British Retro we specialise in fabulous, vintage reproduction clothing from the good old days. Our UK Vintage Dresses are sold at affordable prices and beautifully made in our London factory, our gorgeous retro style clothing will transport you back to a time of elegance and finesse with a touch of naughty pin up cheekiness.

You find out more about our NEW swing dresses, pencil dresses and vintage skirts and more … Here.

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  • Britsh Retro Vintage Swing Dress

Bad Girls in Good Dresses

Ava Gardner swam naked in Ernest Hemingway’s pool in Havana; he later forbade anyone to empty the water… This perfectly sums up the allure of Ava. Whether you agree or not, I think you’ll appreciate [...]

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